Post-Graduate Training in Maharishi Vastu Architecture



Nepal Brahmastan

We are pleased to announce a six-week Maharishi Vastu® professional training course for architects from August 27 to October 2023. The course will be conducted in beautiful new Maharishi Vastu facilities at the Jhanakpur Dham Peace Palace at Champadevi, Nepal. This training will offer the pure knowledge of Maharishi Vastu as revived in its most highly effective form by Maharishi and is not available anywhere else in the world.

The diploma from MVU – Maharishi Vedic University, The Netherlands, will enable graduates to design and consult on Maharishi Vastu projects in any country. There is an URGENT need to train more Maharishi Vastu Architects who can fulfil the needs of our time to construct Maharishi Peace Palaces, schools, colleges, Vedic health-care centers and Fortune-Creating Communities in all parts of the world. Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda is the most ancient and supreme system of architecture and planning in harmony with Natural Law, taking into account the influences of sun, moon, planets and stars with reference to the earth, its north and south poles and the equator, thereby connecting individual life with Cosmic Life so that everybody will feel: "I am living in Heaven"