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Tilingatar High School (THS) program hall

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for 700 Yogic Flyers

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Tilingatar Secondary School



Nepal Students 2 pTen schools in Nepal, with total enrollment of 8000, have incorporated Consciousness-Based education (CBE) or are in the process of incorporating CBE into their curriculum. This includes a military academy and a government high school. Within the first few months of implementing the CBE program in 2015, schools reported decreased accidents on the playground, improved academic performance, and more silence in the school building.

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation is working in affiliation with the Consciousness-Based Education Association (CBEA) to introduce highly effective non-sectarian programs that improve educational outcomes, reduce stress and antisocial Nepal Student3 pbehavior, increase creativity and intelligence, and unfold the inner happiness of students and teachers of all cultural and educational backgrounds.

The Consciousness-Based Education Association (CBEA) is a nonprofit educational organization that provides practical, scientifically validated educational programs, technologies, and consulting services for new schools, existing schools, and after-school organizations.

CBEA offers Consciousness-Based™ education (CBE™) to enliven the full creative potential and inner happiness of every student and teacher, eliminate stress, and enliven total brain Nepal Students 4 ptfunctioning. The key technologies of this program are the Transcendental Meditation™ and TM-Sidhi™ programs which is easily integrated into any public or private school without making extensive changes to the existing curriculum or schedule.

When students regularly practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, they begin to learn more easily, think more clearly and creatively, sit and focus on their schoolwork more calmly and enjoyably, and solve problems with less effort. Collectively, their daily practice also creates harmony and coherence for their community and nation.


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