Creating Coherence and Harmony in the Collective Consciousness of Ukraine for Peace and Unity in the Nation

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At this critical time for Ukraine, when the country is going through a major transformation which opens unprecedented possibilities for unfolding its enormous potential, the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace of Ukraine has launched an initiative to enliven the evolutionary power of Natural Law in the collective consciousness of the nation and thereby secure a smooth and peaceful transition into a new era of progress, happiness, and unity for Ukraine.

This initiative to create an Invincible Ukraine aims at generating a huge wave of positivity, coherence, and harmony in the collective consciousness of Ukraine through the practical application of Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology. From 50 demonstration projects and 23 published scientific studies we know that these powerful technologies of peace work and that their implementation would bring support to all areas of national life in Ukraine.

Efforts are currently underway to establish a group of 700 Sidhas – practitioners of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying – in Ukraine. A group of 700 is the required number of Professional Peace-Creators (Sidhas) that will ensure the safety and welfare of Ukraine by creating the Maharishi Effect for the entire nation of 46 million citizens. We are actively seeking funding to support this group on a permanent basis. You may review our budget for this project here:

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News Update

International PTSD Conference in Kiev, Ukraine on June 2, 2015

On June 2, 2015 the International Conference on Comprehensive Assistance for Participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine for Integration to Civilian Life was held at the "Central House of Officers" in Kiev, Ukraine. This conference was co-sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation of Ukraine, the State Services of Ukraine on War Veterans, and Participants of the Anti-Terrorist Operation.

More than 100 people attended this high-profile event: high-ranking military officials and leaders of veterans' organizations; representatives of the government of Ukraine, NATO, and other international and Ukrainian organizations; and members of the press, including 8 TV channels. They all came to hear about the programs that are currently available to bring relief to active and retired soldiers (veterans) who have suffered from the stress of war. Prominently featured was the unique "Warrior Wellness Program” developed and offered by the David Lynch Foundation (DLF), USA. The DLF-Ukraine branch presented the "Warrior Wellness Program”, whose core technology is the Transcendental Meditation technique, to help provide relief to those Ukrainian soldiers and veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Currently underway is a plan to implement the "Warrior Wellness Program” in Ukraine.

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