EDAPO Students at Peace High School, Uganda

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Ephss groupWhat is EDAPO? Economic Development and Aids Prevention Organization in Central Uganda

What does EDAPO do?  supports 600 HIV/Aids Orphans and children at risk.

EDAPO is special using the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique to help the orphan children with stress and poor health.

EDAPO Primary School graduated its first class in 2012. All the students passed the primary leaving exam! They went on to high school. This is remarkable for a rural primary school in Uganda.



At PHS they can practice and enjoy their TM technique every day. With their TM the EDAPO students find they are leaders in every class at PHS—despite their background.


After all the challenges so far in their lives they can sense a better future. Thanks to generous donors, these students can continue their education at Peace High School.


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