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To our wonderful monthly donors

Every day the emails come from PayPal  — “You received a payment”. PayPal handles most of our regular donations. So seeing those emails come in always gives me a tickle of warmth. I love opening them. I like to see who is today’s kind friend and what they are supporting each month.

The donors hail from many countries. A kind soul in Norway supports two school projects in Uganda and a generous West Indian sends money every month to the girls’ school in Thailand. A family in Sweden supports the both girls’ schools, in Uganda and Thailand. An American lady gives a substantial monthly support for our little school in Mali. An Englishman is a regular supporter of our project in the North of Uganda to help those traumatized by the ravages of the Lord’s Resistance Army. And every month we receive a lovely general gift for Seeds of Heaven from a gentleman in Japan.

Everyone gives what they feel. It is always appreciated and always helpful. One monthly gift of $10 is split between the girls’ schools; another of $1000 a month is for the Middle East Peace Project. Thanks to you all.

However much the gift is, and from wherever it comes, it is heartwarming.  It helps Seeds of Heaven to bring enlightenment and peace to the world. When we have regular support from monthly gifts, we can tell the projects how much they can expect. Then the projects can plan effectively. And, with a guaranteed flow of funds, we have to scramble less to fill any monthly shortfalls.

So we love the monthly donors to Seeds of Heaven. Their simple commitment to make a comfortable gift each month is a beautiful reminder to us: we are doing something good and good people support us. 

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

2018-03-14 21:09:36
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