African girls deserve the full fruit of education

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There are 300 million girls in Africa. Less than half of these girls are in school.  Of all the African girls in school, only a fortunate few have learned how to use their full brain potential. This is the true fruit of education— living life without mistakes or problems. 

Most of these fortunate African girls can be found at the Ideal Girls High School (IGHS) in Mbale, Uganda. At IGHS, they learn how to develop their brain potential. They bring energy, intelligence, and happiness into their lives. They are enjoying an ideal education, the Consciousness-Based Education founded by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

Every girl in Africa, and in the whole world - and every boy - should have the chance to gain the fruit of education. In January 2019, the only girls' school in Africa which can supply this knowledge is IGHS in Uganda. But IGHS has only 100 students.

Right now, Seeds of Heaven is supporting a big recruitment campaign for IGHS. We want 200 more girls to enjoy growth and fulfillment in the new school year beginning in February.  

How can we all help? By fixing up the school. Most of all we need 
1) to finish the security wall around the school campus. $17,000  
2) to complete the plastering and painting of all the buildings.  $13,000.

That’s just $30,000 to bring ideal education to hundreds more girls in Uganda this year and every year!

There is a big pay off: with more students, IGHS can be a catalyst to bring ideal education and its sweet fruits to girls in the whole of Uganda, the whole of Africa. 

Let us do it in small gifts, in big gifts. Whatever it takes, it needs to be done. Now.


Thank you!





2019-01-18 16:30:35
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